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HFS COVID Portal Instructions

The HFS COVID-19 Testing Portal requires an account. To create an account, providers will first need to go to the login option and select “Get ID.”

On the Accounts page there are several options, the user will select Create a new account. User will be asked to provide registration information including a username and password. Your username can include letters, numbers, and periods (may not start or end with a period); and must be between 6-20 characters long. Examples: John.Smith JSm1th. Once all information has been completed, select “Register” at the bottom of the page.

Once you login with an Illinois Public ID, you will be able to register with the COVID testing portal. Registration will allow a user to gain access to the upload features of the portal to submit data to HFS and download features of the portal to retrieve results. After registration, user will be able to submit files containing COVID testing data to HFS. Be sure to review the required file layout and sample excel file before uploading.

To upload a file, click on upload a file at the top of the page or click on the “upload files” button at that bottom of the page. The user will then have two options for file upload. Which option the user chooses will determine which fields are required in the submission.

RIN Request Only. Providers who want to generate their own claims can request the Department to generate a Recipient Identification Number (RIN) for uninsured COVID-19 testing patients. HFS will not automatically generate claims for records uploaded through RIN Request Only files.

RIN and Claim Request. Providers who want HFS to generate and process claims on their behalf can request both a RIN and claim generation for uninsured COVID-19 testing patients.

Regardless of which option you choose, records with the addition of the RIN will be available for download when processing is complete.

The user will have the ability to download the data including the generated RINS by clicking on the > and then the “Export Latest (.xlxs)” link on the header of the expanded view.

  1. Download the same file that you uploaded.
  2. Expand the view on the web page to show the results.
  3. Print the expanded view including the generated RIN.
  4. Download a new file that includes the generated RIN.